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– What will you dry? – 

Biosolids. Sludge. Biomass. Hemp. Proteins. Gryphon has a wide range of drying specialties and is constantly studying and testing new products to dry. Thanks to our cutting-edge automated industrial drying solutions, converting waste into resources has never been more efficient or affordable. Our dryers can dry to various levels and even produce Class A biosolids — and we can do it with less labor and more automation. Our technology is a game-changer for industrial drying.


Designed around your needs and built right here in the United States, our single pass belt dryers are some of the most automated and maintenance friendly machines around. Built of repeatable segments that are 3, 5, or 10-feet wide, the modular design reduces installation costs and is mechanically simple, yet technologically advanced.

Our closed-loop airflow system increases efficiency, lowers energy consumption, and can reduce the need for air permitting.

Gryphon dryers are easy to service with available off-the-shelf parts. They're reliable, safe, and versatile. The HMI, designed like a tablet, is user friendly and easy to operate. Start-up and shutdown are quick and easy. Gryphon dryers can be custom designed around your operating schedule, specific application, budget, and footprint.

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"This dryer was a perfect fit for our facility. It was exactly what we needed." - Rick

Tom says- "We love how quickly this dryer starts up and shuts down. This really gives us flexibility for scheduling"


"This dryer is so simple to use!" - Jeff


At Gryphon, we don’t just care about dryers — we care about you. We’re based in the United States and are focused on serving our customers. We put clients first with excellent customer service and communication. We build personal relationships with our clients and stay actively engaged during and after projects so you have peace of mind that you can always reach us. Our office is centrally located to most of the country, allowing us to provide quick on-site responses as well as real-time remote access.

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With Gryphon Environmental, the benefits are hard to miss:

Capital costs
Labor costs
Power consumption 
Hauling/landfill costs

Innovative technology
Reusable product
Potential tax incentives
Ease of use

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Gryphon Environmental was founded in 2007 in Owensboro, Kentucky.  We take pride in our small-town roots - they were vital in building the company you see today.  We believe in a sense of community, unity, and support.  Instilling these values into our workforce, manufacturing process, and customer communications have aided our ongoing success and growth.

From 2019 to 2022, we more than tripled our team, facility size, and production with a commitment to excellence and quality backed by our continued investment in research and development.  As a new company, we were striving to provide a drying solution that would assist in waste elimination, with application for many different industries. The environmental need for this solution sustained our focus on designing a technology that exceeded all expectations. That mission was accomplished with the Gryphon Dryer, which not only addresses environmental concerns but also creates a simple, efficient, and economical solution.

We strive now to provide a personalized drying experience for each of our clients.  Our primary purpose is learning, understanding, and supporting their needs. We look forward to the journey each dryer takes us on and the relationships we build and nourish along the way.


– Our Installs –

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